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About (Who I Am)

I Build Compelling Web Presences that Engage, Capture and Sell.

I use Magento, Facebook, SEO, and EE2, WP3, OS4, HTML5. But it all starts with Strategy.

Who I Am

I lead an energetic group of talented results-oriented, technical and creative professionals.

What We Do (Strategy)

We help extraordinary people and organizations market their brand strategically online. But we don’t start by doing marketing. We immerse ourselves in your brand and work with you to develop and hone your budget-based strategy. Once strategy is clear we identify the best tactics to deploy and tie them to deployment schedules.

  • Does your online presence (sites, social and other digital communications) reflect the image you envision?
  • Are your marketing and promotional efforts up-to-date and intentional or haphazard?
  • What is it about you that stands out in a crowd?
  • Are you keeping your customers and converting them to fans?

How We Do It (Digitally)

Once the strategy is clear, we let them tactics fly, baby, in this order:

  • Creating an online presence that will sell/ capture leads using platforms like Magento and ExpressionEngine
  • Drawing traffic to your online presence using localized video and text-based SEO/SEM,
  • Keeping your audience engaged with social and mobile media, ongoing content creation

What We Don’t Do

We don’t waste your time and we don’t use outdated or questionable tactics.

Who YOU Are

We choose our clients carefully because our goal is long-term trust relationships.

(What We Do)

Services (What We Do)

Web Presences to Market Your Brand.

We help organizations and individuals of integrity market their brand online. We’ve developed some advanced machinery to do just that, operated by an exceptional team of creative, technical and strategic people:

1. GET ‘EM! (SEO & Traffic Sourcing so Google Likes You)

  • Organic SEO facelifts so you get optimal searchability
  • White-hat, high-integrity linkbuilding campaigns
  • Article and press release development & promotion
  • Landing page development
  • Local and video search engine optimization

2. SELL ‘EM! (Websites for Top-Notch E-Commerce & Lead Capture)

  • Magento website installation, customization and upgrades
  • Don’t forget to mix in some first-rate graphic design
  • Additional platforms: ExpressionEngine, WordPress and custom
  • Interactive UI utilizing HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AJAX
  • High-performance hosting and 24/7/365 support

3. KEEP ‘EM! (Build Your Fanbase with Social Interaction)

  • Spunky and serious social media interactive campaigns
  • Punctual, topic-driven blogging
  • Regular content development
  • Mobile device marketing: SMS, MMS and e-com app development

(Examples of Our Work)

Work (How We Work)

Original Watermen

Home page of one of the new Original Watermen stores

Website Makeover (2011)

An incredible effort on the part of our design and development team, Original Watermen’s 2011 website was certainly one of our favorite projects ever, and we are very happy with the end result!

In the client’s words:

“We needed a website to reflect all of our new product and development ideas, we also needed a site to be interactive and yet eye catching to the general populous, yet it also had to have hard core e-commerce functionality. Mike had plenty of fresh ideas and was very creative in matching our brand, lifestyle and culture. We feel Mike nailed the development and creativity to a tee!”


  • Dual store configuration
  • Advanced layout, template, core and skin customization
  • Cufon, jQuery, ColorBox, CSS2
  • Rotating page backgrounds
  • YouTube Video importing
  • Advanced javascript programming

SEO Makeover

For legal reasons, Original had to change their organization’s name AND increase search engine placement at the same time (normally, a nightmare for SEO). By carefully informing search engines of the change as well as methodically rewriting content, search engine rankings soared to an average of position 3 on Google for selected keywords.


  • Extensive on-site and competitor keyword research
  • Professionally written SEO copy
  • High-quality traffic sourcing campaign

Interchange to Magento E-Comm Upgrade (2009)

OW’s website had been on the outdated Interchange platform for years without an upgrade. They needed a new site up by the time their 2010 catalog would hit (three weeks). This was a complicated process, involving a customized Magento shopping cart on a new web host, new DNS and email servers. All told, there was no downtime on the site whatsoever, and sales continued unabated immediately following release of the new site.


  • Template and skin customization and improvement to match existing site

EHR Compliance Group

ECG Home Page

Custom Website

EHR Compliance Group approached us with the following request: build a website that would be simple, secure, easy to navigate, and–most importantly–completely striking and different from what’s out there in the field of medical software websites. Originally the owners thought we would have to do the site completely in flash, due to all the interactive elements. Nope, we told them, we can do all that with jQuery! Let’s just say there was a lot of sophisticated javascript to be programmed, but now the site is fully compatible with IOS and touchscreen devices.


  • Lead Capture into web-based CRM
  • Powered by a custom PHP foundation
  • Cufon, jQuery, AJAX and CSS2, custom grid system
  • Full SSL & 3rd-party security protection

Customized CRM & Customer Portal

In addition to the main website, ECG needed us to get them set up on a CRM. After exploring the options, we decided to save money by going with the free and open source vTiger CRM. Now ECG has a full-featured CRM with no monthly per-seat fee! We did a bunch of custom programming to make things incredibly streamined: After leads are captured from the frontend website, validated signups receive user and password into the private portal. Once users sign into the private portal, they are automatically logged into a third party partner website.


  • Installation, configuration and hosting of vTiger CRM
  • Custom development of workflow, validation, email, and other modules.
  • API data integration with partner database (MS based)

Identity Package

As part of the original website package we offered ECG, we included brand identity development. Four of our top designers collaborated on the logo, color scheme, fonts and design concepts. These branding elements were put into a variety of marketing pieces beyond just the website


Bring Me Hope Foundation

Interactive Product Launch Website

We produced a couple of mailers for national circulation as well as a complete home page redesign involving multimedia, flash, video and audio. [Link]

Completely Re-done Website

BMH liked the look of the Product Launch site so much they asked us to redo the rest of their site. PHP, CSS2, SWF, WordPress and even some good ‘ol ASP (see the Lives Changed section). [Link]


  • Dynamic background images
  • Grid.960, CSS2, YouTube, jQuery
  • Customization of StoreFront 6.0 Cart templates

Ameriden, International

Site transformation

Ameriden wanted to re-purpose one of their product websites from being primarily informational to sales-oriented, and promoting it. We began with a storyboard and then systematically developed new search-engine-optimized content with clear calls to action. Finally we began the continuing process of promoting the site externally.


  • Design and layout
  • jQuery, CSS2, ProStores

Webasyst to Magento E-Commerce Transition

You might not know it but zip lines are a hot commodity! Struggling to keep up with their daily order volume, the folks at knew they needed a new shopping cart that would boost their image and brand as well as provide much better backend system integration. Now their order fulfillment crew can go to bed before 12AM.


  • Template and skin customization to match existing site
  • Extensive QuickBooks Integration

Magento Module Development

Part of the goal of ZLG’s Magento upgrade was to eliminate the need for multiple data management systems. While shopping cart, fulfillment, accounting, shipping and payment processing integration were taken care of in the upgrade, something that was never discussed was the ability to manage and track sales made in Magento’s backend by sales reps. No problem, we told them, and programmed a best-of-class Magento Rep Management module.


  • Add reps and commission details easily.
  • Report rep commission for a particular time range
  • Whenever an order is created in the Magento backend, the operator must choose a rep
  • Commission calculations do NOT include shipping costs, orders that have credit memos applied, or orders marked with statuses other than “processing” and “complete.”